open access

Enjoy the Internet HOV lane without

the need of an extra passenger

Your Internet, Your Way:
Understanding Open Access Fiber

Alright, let’s break it down

Open Access Internet is like the HOV lane for your connection. It means more options, better prices, and services that genuinely fit what you need. Think of it as your internet freedom; no strings attached, just pure, unadulterated broadband bliss.

Just like a public road is open for any vehicle to drive on

An open access internet network allows many different internet service providers to use the same network infrastructure. This means you, as a consumer, have the freedom to choose from a variety of internet services using the same physical network. It’s like having the choice to pick from different bus services, all using the same road, to find the one that suits your timing, budget, and comfort preferences best.

What’s this mean to you?

More competition among Internet service providers, which can lead to better service quality, faster internet speeds, and lower prices for you and your family

So who’s involved:

Well, we are of course. Bonfire Fiber is a network provider or operator. We build and maintain the high-speed fiber-optic infrastructure (the fast internet). Think of us as road builders.

Then there is the Service Provider (Your Choice!): They offer various internet plans and services. You get to pick the one that fits your needs – they’re like car dealerships and they are working to give you the best deal on the lot.

Why else should you care?

You don’t want construction crews on your streets and in your yard more than necessary, right? And you want your property value to go up, right? Well, open access eliminates multiple companies building in the same place, and having high speed fiber internet available at your house automatically increases value to your home. It’s a win win.


Are you ready to join the rest our community with fiber internet that won’t disappoint?