Achieving digital equity takes a

community first approach

You’re unique,
and that’s a good thing

We are rolling out fiber broadband to you and your neighbors in the Southern Ute Reservation area. From Ignacio to Arboles to Florida Mesa, we are coming to your neighborhood. To sign up, enter your address and we’ll take it from there.

Southern Ute

Water, gas and electricity; these aren’t nice-to-haves they’re essential utilities that are funded at the federal, state and local level. Broadband (Internet) connectivity is just as crucial. The future economic health and vitality of our communities depends on affordable, accessible, high-speed internet and delivering it will increase job prospects, improve education and enhance healthcare. By utilizing and optimizing existing technologies, embracing innovation and leading by example, we can transform our digital landscape.

From Sign up to Service

For more affordable, high-quality broadband, follow these simple steps

Step 1

Want Fiber Broadband?

Help us prioritize when and where the fiber network will be built to get you the speed you need, faster

Step 2

Time to Decide?

Choose the plan you want

Step 3

Building Starts

We’ve finished our assessment and we’re building your network connection

Step 4

Install Day

The wait was worth it! Now you have fiber broadband so it’s time to get surfing


Are you ready to join the rest our community with fiber internet that won’t disappoint?