Home is where the heart—and affordable, open access fiber broadband—is.

Empowering communities with high-speed internet connectivity isn’t just about doing business. It’s about a commitment to the greater good—and a dedication to bringing about positive change and economic opportunity to millions of Americans.

At Bonfire Fiber, we’re passionate about achieving digital equity—and we know that it takes public and private partnerships to make it happen. That’s why we don’t see ourselves so much as a company, but rather a platform that can be leveraged by municipalities, electric co-ops and tribal nations to establish a common fiber infrastructure.

  • Bonfire Fiber pays for the construction of the network
  • Bonfire Fiber operates and maintains the network
  • Bonfire Fiber partners with other fiber owners to leverage existing infrastructure wherever possible
  • Service Providers provide all retail services to homes and businesses

An ISP for everybody!

Bonfire Fiber isn’t your traditional internet provider, because unlike the cable and telephone companies, we specialize in common infrastructure. All companies big and small are able to leverage our equipment—and by offering a democratized platform, we enable more competition, lower prices and a superior customer experience.

Let’s connect. Let’s partner up to bring down digital inequity. And let’s have some fun while we’re at it.